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Want A Tease-Then Fifi The Exotic Laptop Dancer is The Answer

If you have a man friend who is prone to playing with himself quite a lot or a really nerdy friend who doesnt get any(lol) then the Fifi is a sure bet to be the perfect gift. Fifi the laptop stripper come s in a CD Rom that reatails for $6 a pop which is kinda cheap considering you could replay her over and over again.

The movies run for 3.5 – 4 minutes and ‘Fifi' your private dancer, has been hand-picked for her raunch factor, sex appeal and of course, professionalism! She dances and teases and thrills against a backdrop of seductive darkness carefully lit to enhance her sensual movement.

And the best part has to be you dont have to leave a tip which is always a plus.

Via boystuff.co.uk


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