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The Limited Edition LG Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Mobile Phone

Your definately going to be shown a lot of love when you pop this badboys out .
The Phone also comes with a cool collectors case signed by the Ceo of so-so def himself jermaine Dupri .

Inclined to say if your American you know why quite a few people would love to plant a nuke in the cracks in between our behinds, when we go about putting Swarovski crystals on a phone. But we love our gadgets and this happens to be for an auction for the Jermain Dupri Children’s foundation so who cares.

The phone comes with So So Def content including videos, songs, and photos and personal content from JD and is appropriately packaged with your very own Afro man doll and blinged out portable speakers.

The auction currently stands at 360 dollars on Ebay with just over 23 hours to go so put it on your watch list as if you get this the ladies would be on you like jam on bread

Via The Gear Blog


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