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Does The Blackberry Finally Have Some Real Competition

New gadgets keep coming out to rival the blackberry but the buzz around two in particular are impressive The Samsung SGH-i320 and The Sony Erickson M600.

Samsung get to bring over here its SGH-i320 Windows Mobile 5.0-based phone, a phone that has had extremely impressive sales in Asia.The 95g handset measures 11.1 x 5.9 x 1.2cm and would be pitched against the likes of the Palm Treo 650, Motorola Q and Nokia E61. The Samsung device will support Windows Mobile 5.0's own push email extensions, along with all the usual telephony, PIM and media playback and recording facilities - there's a 1.3 megapixel camera on board for still shots and videos.

I've got the Nokia E61 and I really like it. I have had it for about two months now and I am constantly impressed by the feature set and its capabilities. It works great with BlackBerry Connect and Microsoft ActiveSync. I would definetely say that BlackBerry better watch out!

dont see much of a difference between this and the blackberry both very bulky and pretty much do the same thing

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