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Auto Messenger Display-Give The Other driver The MiddleFinger

If you have road rage then you should sit up and pay attention The Auto Messenger Display is a pretty cool gadget that lets you communicate with drivers up to 50 feet away using a small remote control and an LED electronic display panel mounted on the rear view window of your car. Powered off your in-car cigarette lighter, the gadget lets you show other drivers your feelings by choosing from pre-programmed words and signs, including ‘Sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Thanks’ or ‘Help'

The makers however in thier infinate wisdom declined to include the middle finger and various other choice phrases and signs in this list thus ruining a perfectly good gadget .

The basic mod retails for $50 (£29); while the advanced model costs $150 (£86). To order visit http://www.autoplas.com/


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