Friday, June 30, 2006

Do We Finally Have Some Real Competition For The Apple Ipod

Like every typical asian gadget that has a big buzz surrounding it you never think your going to get it .Well the Meizu mini player has to be one of those exceptions.

The new iPod video from the Chinese company Meizu is as large as a fifth generation iPod with a 2.4 ” in colour screen with a resolution of 320x240 for playing XviD-video ’ s.

The Meizu mini Player also supports audio files, among which include mp3, Ogg, Vorbis and WMA. , Depending on the model in in question , 1.2 or 4 GB amount to the rise space. The player which weighs just over 55 grammes gives you approximately twenty hours of musicand six hours of film time.

The Meizu lands our shores this month and depending on the gig space is priced at a reasnable 189.95 euros( for the 2GB) and 249.95 for the 4GB version.

Personal advice hook yourself up if you can with this if you can as Apple definately have themselves some major competition.

Preva Portable Espresso Maker-An Expresso At 4000 Feet

The expresso from Preva has to be the ultimate in ubber cool bacpaking gear as it apparentlly takes no longer than three minutes when you set your pack down to getting a trully perfectly made expresso coffee.

So if your the climbing type and want to mouth of to your friends about having the coolest climbing gear then hook yourself up with a Prevo Xport .

The Preva retails for $49.95.

Via 14u hadgets.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The World's First Central Kitchen Garden Appliance

Saw this earlier today and for a guy who likes to cook this is really groundbreaking stuff.A gadget that allows you grow pretty much anything from tomatoes to lettuce in the comfort of your own house withouth the weeds and termites.

The AeroGarden uses NASA-proven, high-yield aeroponic technology and built-in grow lights to create a self-watering, self-feeding, fully automated indoor garden that grows plants faster and healthier than plants grown in soil making for tastier vegies(really doubt that but thats the claim)

The Aero Grow reatils for a $150 and is available here

Sudoku Loo Roll-If You Are a Sudoku Fan Your backside Would Thank You For This

If you are sick and tired of the Sudoku craze then this would probbaly piss you off a bit more..Loo Paper?but if you happen to be a fan this could be pretty useful when twidling your thumbs in the loo.

I ply .....or 2 ply you need not bother ............Contemplate not constipate.

It reatails for £4.95 and is available here for purchase

Ball Finder Scout-Your Balls Are Safe

Ever Taking a drive and felt your balls were missing,literally i mean. Well the ball finder from Sanderson is said to put paid to all that from digital video cameras to color recognition systems

Inside the Ballfinder SCOUT™ is a video-like camera that can search upto 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds! which is pretty fast Each of two million pixels is scanned in nanoseconds and analyzed pixel by pixel using GLS golf ball locating system technology to look for the unique color signature found on any standard white golf ball and guide you to it.

Even if just three dimples are showing and the ball is hidden in the rough the ball finder would be pretty useful.

Think of it this way your balls would never go missing insure them and get one of these badboys.

it reatails for £ 148 and is available from Sanderson's golf

The Dell Fire Cracker-Your Dell Laptop Could be Next on the Hitlist

Dell must be secretely infusing charges of TNT in thier laptops to make them go kaboom.Maybe someone tried hacking into at the conference in Tokyo.Hate to say it but the picture kinda made my day.The geeks in malaysia have problems as well Yaay.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Beer Burglar Alarm-Catch The Beer Thief Before He Nicks Your Beer

We have all been here before at least at University .You go to the fridge to get a can a beer an the beer thief your roomate that is has arrived thier before you ..darn.Well the beer Burglar Alarm is meant to change all that no more vanishing of cans into thin air as the next time the culprit attempt to nick a pair of cans this pretty piece of work is going to kick up into frenzy.

You simply attach the alarm to your cans of beer and sleep peacefully knowng fully well that this bad boy is on guard in the fridge as any attempt to steal them would leave the house echoing with sound of sirens

The Alarm Retails for £6.95 and is available for purchase here

The Worl Cup Soccer Mouse

Could this be every male football fans dream .Women and the beautiful game at the same time could this really be possible? The Mouse made By Pay Says Now has to be the most sexually stimulating mouse ever made for geeks by geeks.

The World Cup computer mouse allows football fanatics to stay patriotic and get to grips with the verve of a females body structure all at the same time and she's not going to complain about it.

You could choose from Becky(Team England)Roberta(team Brazil-my personal favourite by the way),(Michaela team Germany) and Alexa (team Switzerland).Shaped a s a woman's body all four come in removeble world cup jerseys

The mice made by swiss company Pat say now is described in the following words 'Attractively wrapped in a specially designed box, these trendy “desk pets” are a temptation not many can resist. Working on the computer will never be the same.They got that part right with the amount of touch feeling that is going to be going on.

It retails for 19.99 from

Monday, June 26, 2006


Google has begun featuring free ad-supported content on Google Video for the first time as part of what the company is calling a pilot test. The geeks at google seems to have finally taking a hint as regards its shockinly awful google videos service and decided to do something about it.

In a limited trial run featuring ad content from guys like Burger king and HP Google would show classics such as the Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, the brilliant but mad Mr Magoo, The Charlie Rose Show and Charlie Chaplin flicks,the shows arent exatly going to tickle your pringles but i guess if you area sucker for the oldies it would doi for you .

For this to work content has to be key and for guys like me who have the attention span of a fish this doesn't cut it ,an old charlie champlain flick might might be fun for the first five minutes but the effect tends to ware off pretty quickly.So sort your content out Google or else were all sticking to the Tube .


The Nintendo Ds circuss finally arrived in town on friday to apparently muted responses as no major retailers had harry porter type midnight sales.So if playing games on a 3inch screen is your thing then i guess the Nintendo DS is more Like Manna from heaven

It comes in two colours: sleek black and smart white. Each has the same unique technology as Nintendo DS but improved to the nth degree

The Nintendo Ds retails for £99 in most retails stores.


Gary Neville, Michael Carrick, David James, and Wayne Bridge have been spotted playing around with their new Sony toys at the squad's hotel .

The vaio seems to be the computer of choice for the English national team as they are all allowed one each for watching DVD's and surfing the net. Shame it doesnt seem to be helping them much in the way the play the beautiful game .

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Retro craftsmanship meets bling bling
A really crazy company once in a while comes along and does something really pointless and crazy .Well Aspreys fits the bill this time.They have built a limited edition Diamond encrfusted 18 carat gold Nintendo Gameboy that retails for 25 grand. It comes with the original cables And extra game cartridges original blue leather display briefcases.

So if you have $25,000 to throw down the toilet or daddy happens to be extremely loaded then the Limited edition Game Boy has to be the coolest gadget ever.

Via Mobile Shack


If you are going to be rocking quite a few music festivals this month or any outdoor event and you are going to be shacking up in a tent like the rest of us the (IPP) Infra Red Primeter Protector is the gadget to keep you safe and secure .

It it will emit a 100 decibel alarm whis is pretty loud when tent security has been compromised,so if your tired of people nicking your pots and pans at events like Glastounbry then take some action.

The perimeter protector retails for £25 and is available in this stores for purchase


Fizzy drink maker Cocacola are closing up thier thier british music download site mycoke music .com on the 31 st of july after being eclipsed being eclipsed by itunes as the market leader in thr industry.I guess Coke dont handle being second best that well.

Notices of closure were placed on the site and e-mails were sent to music fans who had registered with the site.


i thought this was pretty funny when i saw this today.So if If you have a fresh wound or bruise then this has to be the anwer.its guarnteed to heel your cuts scrapes and scratches twice as a fast (lol)so get Jesus adhesive on the case ASAP.

They have retail price of about 4.95 for a box of 15 and are available via Archee Mcphee.

Via the Product Dose


If your taking a really long journey ora cross atlantic flight.The aroma snoozer is an aromatherapy vapor dispensing travel pillow dispensing travel pillow which helps to keep you fresh and relaxed during a long journey.

An atomiser with essential lavender oil is supplied with the aroma snoozer but travellers can replace this with an oil of thier choice.

The snoozer is priced at 9.99 and is available from desighn


Share your music with the world with this useful adaptor ok maybe not the whole world but the person sitting next to you.the share adaptor from design go allows two headsets to share one music player here its crucialthat the listeners share share teh same taste in music.This nifty device fits most MP3. DVD,CD and radio players as well a slaptops

The share adaptor is priced a t a reasonable &499 from

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Music Gremlin MG 1000- IS It Just A Bite Or A Really Large Rip Of Apple's marketshare U Decide

The more i read about the the Gremline Wifi music player the more i feel we might be seing the first true rivale to the Ipod.Admitedlly it has some flaws but at least the geeks at music Gremlin are clearly thinking outside the box and clearly dont plan to play next best to Apple for an extended period of timeThe fact that it allows you to download music directly to the device without the need for a PC from the music gremlin Direct service is a huge plus point.
Read a review for the product here

The Mind Spa Self Hypnosis Gadget

I've seen quite a few 'out there' gadgets but this has to be in a league of its own.The mind Spa is a DIY gadget that claims to improve your short-term memory and focus, stimulate creativity and improve your health and personal habits and totally eradicate any phobias or bad habits you might have.

So if you are a Nose picker or you fart a bit to much then then the Mind space Self hypnosis gadget is for.Would appreciate anyone giving us some feedback a if any of our reders have used the product

The Mind Spa self-hypnosis gadget is available from Brands on Sale for $160.

Hanspree LCD television-The Jungle is Calling You

Looking through The Hanspree website and stumbled on thier uber cool LCd jungle inspired range for kids.All the screens in the range are 10-inch LCD TFT and are primarily intended to be a TV for the kids' room. The plush covers of the screens can be detached and washed so you dont have to worry about grubby marks left by little fingers.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Playstation 3-Can You Afford It?

If you love your game consoles like i do then you are rapidly anticipating the commencement of sales of the PS3.However speculated preorder prices have been crazy and it seems the retailers are trying the shock and ore effect to ensure we all shit in our pants has to be one the first site to slam a pre-order price on the PS($549 to be exact), with availability listed as due for release on the 17 November.

The website listing on the Play website says: “Due to an expected European shortage of the PS3, we are unable to guarantee delivery of your PS3 before Christmas. All pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and game titles in this package may be changed, subject to availability.”


The Abacus Smart Watch-Can A Time Piece Get Any Better

Is it just me or does the world keep getting crazier by the second. The guys at Citizens have created the Abacus smart watch which gives you access to the MSN Direct smart plan which allows you check up on how good life is on any given day.

The geeks at citizens provide us with yet another way to check up on anything from the latest football scores and results to the latest stock market results.
So if you fancy a really cool time piece with all the perks of a 3G phone then the watch is available online at Amazon,Brookstone and MSN for only $179

The Samsung Q1-The Ultra Mobile Pc

The essence of the Q1 the first in the series of Microsoft inspired products, is centered around it being a fully fledged multimedia device that allows the user to perform a varying range of functions among which include
: Connecting to the internet via wireless connection
: Playing music, Videos, and games
: Allowing the user to plug in a phone and make voice call over the internet.

Pretty nice features in one gadge,t but geez the Q1 doe nothing that other cheaper gadgets in the market already do. Many portable hand held computers and laptops allow you play games and store music on them so what makes this so ground breaking.
Drawbacks: Its major flaw is its lack of longevity when it comes to battery power, as the Q1 when fully only goes on for about 3.5 hours
Gig space is pretty minimal as the Q1 only packs 40 GB of heat on it
A retail price of £750 in the Uk would put a big hole in anyone’s wallet and is a major turn off

Positives: Extremely impressive outlook and a flexibility that offers great appeal due to its fusion of functions.

The LG Chocolate KG00-Picasso Would Be Proud

The Lg ads and billboards have been every were and its kind of difficult to get away from it. So we had to check the phone out and see what all the hype was about I must say it surprised us in a lot of ways. On face value you see why the phone won the IF design awards.

The stylish exterior and panache the phone exumes is very pleasing to they eye and goes against the grain of what you would normally expect from an LG phone which normally seems to cater to those just want a phone to make and receive calls and want to look really boring doing it. The phone has nine touch sensitive navigational controls which lights up bright red like Christmas lights when the slider function is engaged. Believe us when you say quite a few people would be impressed when you pop the phone out to receive a call.

In addition to the drool worthy exterior the phone also come with features you would expect a high end phone to com with. Ranging from the Mp3 player to a mega pixel camera and an extremely high resolution LCD screen. It also pretty cool the fact that the phone allows you to use your MP3 tones as a standard ringtone.

That being said you see why the phone won an ward for its external design as opposed to its innovative features a s you get the impression that LG compromised slightly on features in order to deliver a truly piccassoesque like phone.
Nevertheless this phone with huge similarities to the Motorola Razr would have your friends in a state of ore and is definitely one with the ‘wow’ factor.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Sony Vaio UX50-Is The Buzz Justified?

The original buzz created by the introduction of the Sony Vaio U line in 2002 and the increasing need to fill the void for a product that full encapsulates the balance between style , increased usability, power and portability has culminated in the release of the Ux50,UX90s and Ux180P Vaio range of laptops.

The sleek silver and black paneling of the PDA automatically calls to all our sensiblilities and makes it harder to imagine that the Vaio possess the functionality of a full-size laptop or desktop with similar levels of accessibility and functionality.

On face value there quite a few drawbacks to this
The Vaio can easily be dismissed as an over sized extremely heavy PDA(The Vaio weighs 520g grams) with a battery time toppling just over 3.5 hours .

Our view is the drawbacks and positives of the Vaio cancel themselves out so if you have a few quid to spare and are trying to impress the missus or your friends with a totally ubber sheik gadget then the Vaio which would hit European store late summer is a sure bet.


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