Monday, July 10, 2006

The Tubthumper-Its Not a Plant,Its Not A Vase,Its A Music Speaker

There some pretty cool stuff out there gadget wise at the moment but were definately feeling the Tub thummper an oudoor music player which comes along with with ten metres of cable so you can pump out those hot summer tunes from beneath your begonias The coolest part of this is the fact that it is water proof,meaning that you could leave it outdoors in all types of weather withouth worrying about it being drenched in the rain.

The handmade polypropelyne speakers retail for £100 a pair and are available at here

The Nokia Metal Phone

This is more art than anything with the Nokia acting as the illusionary Canvass.Jack Schultze and Matt Webb the inspirations behind the project have been using a low-melting point alloy to cast and recast a Nokia 5140i mobile phone shell using only hot air or water.The purpose being to ask questions about our expectations of Mobile phones.

The Phone's are really heavy because so you would need speacial magic pockets to carry them around. The metal reduces the effectiveness of the aerial so you’ll need to be closer to the transmitter. If you leave your mobile on the dashboard of your car on a hot day, you’ll come back to find the components in a pool of liquid metal. It’s not advisable to hold the phone in your hands for too long because cadmium is present in a low concentration.


Its official The Blackberry Does have Some Competition In the Sony Erickson M600

Blackberry has long been the bastion of emailing and messaging on the move, but Sony Ericsson is about to change all that with its ultra slim M600. It seems to posses a bit more finesse and style together with a tidy easy to use QWERTY keypad as opposed to the bulky frame of the Rim Blackberry . The M600 is expected to hit shops in a couple of months.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hack A Toaster-When Geeks Have way o Much Time On Thier Hands

This is what happens when kids have way to much time on thier hands during summer, and the result of what happens when parents allow thier kids way to much time in the Garage.Got to admit though thought it was pretty funny.

The Gelaskin Ipod Covers

Saw a friend of our's with these earlier in the week and must say we were so impressed with them we decided to post it up.Gelaskins commisions a wide range of artists do to this, and they inturn create some of the most beautiful and visually aesthetic skins your ever likely to see on the face of an ipod.

They retail for $14.95 and can be purchased here

Playing Cops And robbers Just Got a Bit More Intresting

Playing Cops and robbers just got a little bit more intresting.for the police at least.The star chase track system a llows the police to track a fleeing vehicle of interest withouth having to engage in a full scale high speed car chase. The gadget components include a dart, which contains a GPS locator and a transmitter, fired by compressed gas from a small mortar which can be hand held or mounted on the top of a car. Once the fleeing suspect’s car has been tagged, its exact position is transmitted via wireless modem, allowing the dispatch center to view the suspect vehicle in real-time
The Star chase Launcher which tags the fleeing suspects car


The Uono Cocoon Coffin

Go out in style with this dead fashionable, prize-winning coffin from German design house Uono.
You won't be around to appreciate its futuristic, sleek lines - but your friends and relatives will.

It should be available shortly in the US, priced at around $3,500 (around £2,000).
For more information, visit

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Solio Solar Charger

Solar Power is put to good use in a gadget that would ensure your Ipod never runs out of energy again .Solar energy is usually associated with dreary things like calculators and the like but the ingenious solio is is a brilliant take anywere gizmo that will charge your ipod using the power of the sun(like you didnt know that already)

A fully charged solio delivers enough energy to extend ipod playing time by up to nine hours.You can even plug the Solio into a regular socket to charge up its battery for instant power on the move.

The solio is priced at The £49.95 at Firebox

The Ultra Mordern IMAC Of The Future

Although this is still a concept design its something Steveie boy should definately be looking to put into the market
The concept iMac features a 30" utra-thin LCD screen, which is meant to be totally transparent when the iMac is not in use. The screen can also be set to various levels of translucency, and can fade during sleep modes etc. The keyboard is also totally tramsparent, low profile and a curved ergonomic design, with light sensitive illuminated keys.

If this comes out am chucking my PC away and definately showing this baby some love


The Blue LED Faucet Light-Leave Your friends In Awe

Are you tired of pure, clear, undiluted water then you got to get the Led Faucet light that sprouts blue water, thanks to a blue LED faucet attachment giving you water drops an Alein gushing crystal blue blood effect.For that alone this gizmo totally rocks.
Like any other LCD gadget it looks really cool at night.Note of warning though the gadget is prone to leave with extremely high water bills and leave your guests staring at your sink for no apparent reason.

It retails at $14.99 and is available at ThinkGeek

Auto Messenger Display-Give The Other driver The MiddleFinger

If you have road rage then you should sit up and pay attention The Auto Messenger Display is a pretty cool gadget that lets you communicate with drivers up to 50 feet away using a small remote control and an LED electronic display panel mounted on the rear view window of your car. Powered off your in-car cigarette lighter, the gadget lets you show other drivers your feelings by choosing from pre-programmed words and signs, including ‘Sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Thanks’ or ‘Help'

The makers however in thier infinate wisdom declined to include the middle finger and various other choice phrases and signs in this list thus ruining a perfectly good gadget .

The basic mod retails for $50 (£29); while the advanced model costs $150 (£86). To order visit

The Limited Edition LG Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Mobile Phone

Your definately going to be shown a lot of love when you pop this badboys out .
The Phone also comes with a cool collectors case signed by the Ceo of so-so def himself jermaine Dupri .

Inclined to say if your American you know why quite a few people would love to plant a nuke in the cracks in between our behinds, when we go about putting Swarovski crystals on a phone. But we love our gadgets and this happens to be for an auction for the Jermain Dupri Children’s foundation so who cares.

The phone comes with So So Def content including videos, songs, and photos and personal content from JD and is appropriately packaged with your very own Afro man doll and blinged out portable speakers.

The auction currently stands at 360 dollars on Ebay with just over 23 hours to go so put it on your watch list as if you get this the ladies would be on you like jam on bread

Via The Gear Blog

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Eva Laptop Cover

This have to be the coolest fashion skins ever shame the colour happen to be really girly.But were posting them up anyways so what the heck.The prints come in pink, blue purple and various other shades of teh haiwain tropics , attach them to a worthy laptop using the special adhesive, and peel off once you’ve had a change of heart.
The really Cool thing about them is they protect the surface of your laptop, and ensures they stay scratch free.

They start from $35 (£20) from

Sumo Limited Edition World Cup IPod Video Cases

With the exception of we Americans everyone else seems to be really into the worldcup right now so i guess its only right we feature some world cup inspired gear.

The Sumo limited ipod video casing is definately eye catching, and fits right in with any hot gear you might have on giving you the flexibility to curse at the Refree,boo Wayne Rooney, or simply stare at the hot fottie female in front of you all at the same time without worrying about your Ipod falling off.
It retails at a reasonable £24.99 and is available at Ipodworld

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The DVB-T USB Stick

Since were all suckers for really practical gadgets, it doesn’t get any more practical than the totally ubber cool DVB-T USB stick r eceiver which allows you receive digital free television on your laptop, notebook or pc.

Featuring USB 2.0 connectivity, it not only provides real time viewing but it also allows you to record programmes to watch at a later date .The system also comes along with a real time Electronic Programmes guide to ensure you always know whats on and what shows are coming up.

The USB is priced at 59.95 and is available at the Gadget shop

Does The Blackberry Finally Have Some Real Competition

New gadgets keep coming out to rival the blackberry but the buzz around two in particular are impressive The Samsung SGH-i320 and The Sony Erickson M600.

Samsung get to bring over here its SGH-i320 Windows Mobile 5.0-based phone, a phone that has had extremely impressive sales in Asia.The 95g handset measures 11.1 x 5.9 x 1.2cm and would be pitched against the likes of the Palm Treo 650, Motorola Q and Nokia E61. The Samsung device will support Windows Mobile 5.0's own push email extensions, along with all the usual telephony, PIM and media playback and recording facilities - there's a 1.3 megapixel camera on board for still shots and videos.

The Mercedes Benz Bike -Driving A Mercedez Isnt All That Anymore

If you aare serious about keeping up with the showoffs of thias world then Luxury car brand Mercedez have just provided us with another way of doing this.

The Mercedes automatic bike comes with some pretty cool additions, air suspensions an 8 speed gearshift that changes when necessary and an electronic display giving information on the gear selected.

Prices start at £1,890 and the bike can be ordered through the Mercedez Website

Pimped Out Ipods-The Blinged Out look

Nowadays if you havent swiped your Discman for an ipod then your probably still living in the Flinstone days.But if you have an ipod already there still some guys who are hell bent on trying to makes us look bad those guys being the dudes at Pimpyalayer.

Passing through the sight and happened to bump into this totally pimped out Gold ipod

So if totally pimped out gear is your thing check the site out

Lg Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine-Mummy Need Not Iron For You Any Longer

If your the type thats hates ironing then Lg might have solved your problems.The machine which hits stores in the Uk this july is capable of removing creases from your clothes after the machine has fully steamed them over an extended period of time .

After steaming your clothes for 40 minutes, it then spends the next 20 minutes sucking creases out of your cherished attire.

The end of early morning ironing has trully come, can we get an Amen Halleluyah.

Dont Trust the Missus-Send Her A Spy Phone

Are you paranoid about the missuss or you simply dont trust her with the Gardener then get a spy phone that ensures you can keep tabs on her and those close to you 24-7.

So how does it work ?

The modified mobile phones enable you to monitor and spy on conversations from anywhere in the world. By installing an access telephone number into the spy gsm and then calling the phone from that number.This activates the spy phone turning it into a sophisticated bugging device, allowing you to hear what is going on in the vicinity of the phone.

When the phone is called it never rings.beeps or lights up so it never raises suspicion .

The Phones are pretty pricy and the least expensive one reatils for £599 at Spyphones

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Want A Tease-Then Fifi The Exotic Laptop Dancer is The Answer

If you have a man friend who is prone to playing with himself quite a lot or a really nerdy friend who doesnt get any(lol) then the Fifi is a sure bet to be the perfect gift. Fifi the laptop stripper come s in a CD Rom that reatails for $6 a pop which is kinda cheap considering you could replay her over and over again.

The movies run for 3.5 – 4 minutes and ‘Fifi' your private dancer, has been hand-picked for her raunch factor, sex appeal and of course, professionalism! She dances and teases and thrills against a backdrop of seductive darkness carefully lit to enhance her sensual movement.

And the best part has to be you dont have to leave a tip which is always a plus.


Rimax Music Led Speakers-

Add a ryththmic ambient light to your decor wit these Rimax Music LED speakers in your home .

These Led Speakers can be used with any audio source including PC's portable players and any other device witha standard audio jack outputThis is a great way to brighten up yopur home as the speakers feature blue LED's around the outside of the clear panel which light rythimically as the music plays .

The cooles t part is the fact that you dont need to install any software a s the speakers simply require you to plug and play .So if ou want that Neon Light effect then hook yourself up with these babies.

The Rimax Speakers are priced at £19.95 and are available On Amazon

The Mr Hands free Blue Music -The Multipurpose Bluetooth apparatus

The Mr Hands free Blue Music I is a Bluetooth® stereo headset, which can be used simultaneously with your Bluetooth mobile phone and a Bluetooth® A2DP (stereo streaming) enabled audio device (i.e. PC, notebook, PDA, MP3 player, iPod, etc.) thus allowing you perform both functions simultaneously . The Blue Music headset offers you digital stereo sound that is unrivalled and a wireless operating range of up to 10 meters which is pretty impressive.Aside from the normal basics the really cool thing about this gadget is the fact that once it is successfully merged with an audio advice it allows you listen to your favorite music tracks and automatically pauses it when you receive a call.

The Hans free also gives you internet connectivity through VOIP for chatting and gaming purposes The Blue Music I retails for € 79.99 together with the stereo audio adapter which costs € 49.99.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Miss Phone Feminine 2006-Jaimie Boeve

Jamie Boeve is one the singular reasons gadgets and hot females go together.She was chosen on the 28 June 2006 as the face of Feminine Phone Netherlands ,probably one of the first mobile stores aimed directly at women anywere in Europe .Not much of an event gadget wise so i had to find an excuse to post it, and boy did i find one.On a hottie scaleof 1-10 she has to be a 45 so hell yeah i posted it up.


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